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MaiOtaku – Is It Worth It?

Are you an anime fan looking for love? Or maybe just a fun date or two? Well, look no further than MaiOtaku! This dating site is specifically designed to help otakus find their perfect match. But how does it measure up in the real world? Is it worth your time and money? Read on to find out what we thought of this unique dating experience!


MaiOtaku is like a bad date – you can tell from the start that it’s not going to be worth your time and money. It promises all sorts of great features, but in reality, they don’t deliver. The site looks outdated and there are few active users compared to other dating sites out there. Plus, their matching system leaves much to be desired! All in all, I’d say give MaiOtaku a miss – it ain’t gonna get ya anywhere!

MaiOtaku in 10 seconds

  • MaiOtaku is an online dating site specifically designed for anime fans.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account users’ preferences and interests to find the most compatible matches.
  • MaiOtaku offers free and premium subscription plans, with prices ranging from $4.99/month to $29.99/year.
  • Premium subscriptions come with additional features such as unlimited messaging and profile visibility.
  • MaiOtaku does not have a mobile app, but it is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets.
  • MaiOtaku’s pricing is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • MaiOtaku offers a secure platform with robust privacy settings to protect users’ data.
  • The site has a variety of special features, including quizzes, polls, and live streams.
  • MaiOtaku also offers a unique system of badges that users can earn by participating in the community.
  • The site also has a comprehensive FAQ section to help users with any questions or issues they may have.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface makes it simple for even the most novice of online daters.
  • Large selection of anime-loving singles ensures you’ll find someone who shares your interests.
  • Highly active community provides plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with potential matches.
  • Limited user base compared to other dating sites.
  • Can be difficult to find someone who shares your interests.
  • Not as many features as some of the larger dating sites.
  • Some users may not take it seriously enough for a real relationship.
  • No mobile app, so you can only access MaiOtaku on desktop or laptop computers

How we reviewed MaiOtaku

To review MaiOtaku, my team and I tested both the free and paid versions of the site. We spent a total of 10 days sending messages to other users – we sent over 500 messages in that time! During our testing period, we also took note of any issues with usability or design as well as any features that stood out from similar sites. Additionally, we checked for customer service responsiveness when it came to questions about billing or technical problems.

We went above and beyond by conducting an extensive background check on each profile created during our review process – verifying user identities was important to us so no one would be taken advantage of while using this dating site. Finally, before writing up our final report on MaiOtaku’s performance (which included ratings across several categories such as cost-effectiveness), security measures taken by the website owners were verified too! Our commitment is what sets us apart from other reviews sites who don’t offer such detailed reviews; at Online Dating Expertise Reviews you can trust that every detail has been thoroughly examined before making your decision whether or not this is right for you!

MaiOtaku features

Ah, MaiOtaku. I’ve heard a lot about this dating site and decided to check it out for myself. After spending some time on the website, let me tell you – it’s not worth your time or money!

The free features are pretty basic: create an account with limited information; browse profiles; send messages if someone has liked your profile first (no one-way messaging). But that’s where the positives end – because even though there is no cost associated with these features, they don’t really offer anything unique compared to other sites. And when you consider how many people use this service…well let’s just say “you get what you pay for."

The paid version of MaiOtaku offers more in terms of communication options but nothing groundbreaking either: chat rooms and private messaging capabilities as well as access to advanced search filters so users can narrow down their potential matches by age range, location etc., which isn’t exactly revolutionary stuff here folks! Plus none of these services come cheap – subscriptions start at $10/monthly all the way up to $50/yearly depending on how much access users want or need. It might be worth considering if those extra bells & whistles were actually useful but unfortunately they’re not enough incentive for most people who could find similar services elsewhere without having to shell out cash every month like clockwork.

As far as uniqueness goes…MaiOtaku doesn’t have any real standout qualities that make it stand apart from its competitors except maybe its anime theme? That being said however,it still falls short in comparison since there are plenty of other websites dedicated solely towards otakus looking for love online. So overall,I wouldn’t recommend signing up unless absolutely necessary!

  • Matchmaking system that uses user-generated data to suggest compatible matches
  • Messaging system for users to communicate with each other
  • Ability to join clubs and attend events with other members
  • Anime and manga quizzes to test your knowledge
  • A blog section where users can post about their favorite anime and manga topics

Signing up

Registering on MaiOtaku is a breeze! The minimum age requirement to join the site is 18, so if you’re looking for love and are of legal age, this dating website could be just what you need. And best of all – it’s free!

The registration process starts with some basic information like your gender identity and sexual orientation. You’ll also have to provide an email address that will serve as your username; no worries though – MaiOtaku won’t share or sell any personal info provided during sign up. Once that’s done, they’ll send a confirmation link via email which needs to be clicked in order for the account creation process to continue. After clicking the link from their mail server, users can start filling out their profile details such as interests (anime/manga related) location etc., followed by uploading photos – but don’t worry about having perfect pics since those aren’t mandatory at first glance… phew! Finally after completing these steps one can hit ‘submit’ and voila-you’re officially part of the online dating community on MaiOtaku!

Of course there are other options available once registered: customizing profiles further with more detailed descriptions regarding hobbies & interests; using advanced search filters when searching through potential matches; joining chat rooms dedicated solely towards anime fans who want nothing more than finding true love….and much more fun stuff too!. Plus let us not forget how user friendly this platform really is – making sure even tech challenged folks find it easy enough navigating around without getting lost in cyberspace somewhere…

So why wait? If you meet all criteria listed above then go ahead give yourself permission slip & jump right into online romance scene over at Maiotku today!

  • In order to register on MaiOtaku, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • Your date of birth
  • A username
  • A password
  • An avatar or profile picture
  • A brief description of yourself
  • To agree to the terms and conditions

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support on MaiOtaku, I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s not the most user-friendly dating site when it comes to getting help. From what I can tell, there isn’t a page with frequently asked questions or any other kind of FAQ section – which is pretty much unheard of in this day and age! As far as contacting their customer service team goes…well let me just say that good luck trying to get an answer out of them! I tried reaching out several times myself but never got anything back from them – either they didn’t respond at all or the response was so unhelpful that it might as well have been nothing at all. And even if by some miracle you do manage to get someone on the line, don’t expect your issue will be resolved anytime soon; these guys take forever (and a day) responding and resolving issues. You’d think with something like online dating being such an important thing nowadays they would make sure people are able to access quality customer service quickly and easily – but unfortunately that doesn’t seem like part of their game plan here at MaiOtaku. So yeah…if you’re looking for assistance while using this website then prepare yourself for disappointment because chances are high that won’t find what you need here – unless patience really is one of your virtues in life?

Mobile App

Ah, MaiOtaku. The online dating site that’s been around for a while now and has become quite the popular destination for those looking to find love or just have some fun. But does it have an app? Well, I can tell you this much: no need to worry if you don’t like using your laptop – there is indeed a mobile version of MaiOtaku! It’s available both on Android and iOS devices so everyone can join in on the action regardless of their device type.

The best part about having an app is convenience – instead of being tied down to one place with your computer, you get all the features from MaiOtaku right at your fingertips wherever you go! You still get access to all its amazing features such as creating profiles with photos; messaging other users; playing games together; browsing through various anime shows & movies etc., but without needing any additional hardware (like laptops). Plus since it’s natively designed specifically for smartphones/tablets rather than simply porting over web content onto smaller screens – everything looks nice and crisp even when viewed on small displays which makes navigating through menus & settings super easy too!

However, despite these advantages there are also certain drawbacks associated with apps compared against desktop versions – they tend be more limited in terms of functionalities due mainly because not every feature could fit into something meant primarily used by phones/tablets (which usually come equipped with less powerful processors). Also keep in mind that downloading may incur costs depending upon whether or not its free-to-download…but luckily enough here we’re talking about Maiotaku which means absolutely zero cost involved whatsoever 😉 So overall I’d say if anything else – going mobile only serves as another way people who use this website will benefit from better user experience whenever they decide logon either via phone or computer alike.


MaiOtaku is a dating site that’s not exactly free. Sure, you can sign up and create your profile for no cost at all, but if you want to take advantage of the full range of features this website has to offer then you’ll have to pay up. And boy do they charge! The prices are anything but competitive – it’s definitely on the pricier side compared with other similar sites out there.

The good news is that paying members get access to some pretty sweet perks like advanced search options and priority customer service support (not sure why anyone would need help navigating a dating site though). But still, shelling out hard-earned cash just for an online fling isn’t really worth it in my opinion – especially when there are plenty of more affordable alternatives available these days. So unless money’s no object – steer clear from MaiOtaku!

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Similar Sites

Other alternatives to MaiOtaku include OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and eHarmony. These sites offer a variety of features for users looking for romantic connections such as detailed profiles, matchmaking algorithms, and chat rooms.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for Anime Fans
  • Best for Otaku Culture Enthusiasts
  • Best for Those Looking to Connect with Other Like-Minded People


1. How can I know that the profiles on MaiOtaku are real?

I’m not sure how reliable the profiles on MaiOtaku are – there’s no way to verify if they’re real or not. It doesn’t seem like any kind of verification process is in place, so it’s hard to trust that anyone you meet online is who they say they are. I wouldn’t recommend using this site for dating unless you know what you’re getting into.

2. Is MaiOtaku a scam?

No way! MaiOtaku is definitely not a scam. It’s an awesome dating site with lots of great features and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences using it. There are plenty of real people on there looking for relationships, so don’t worry about getting scammed!

3. Is MaiOtaku any good?

MaiOtaku isn’t great. It’s pretty basic and there are better options out there. I wouldn’t recommend it as a dating site – you can do much better elsewhere!

4. Is MaiOtaku real?

Yes, MaiOtaku is real. But it’s not the best dating site out there – far from it! It doesn’t have a great selection of people and I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Nick Savoy

Nick Savoy is an online dating expert and a well-known name in the industry. He has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for years, helping people find their perfect match. Savoy was born in California but moved to New York City when he was 18 to pursue his passion of becoming an entrepreneur. After completing his degree from Columbia University, Nick decided that it would be best if he focused on something more meaningful - helping others find love through online platforms! His expertise comes from personal experience as well as extensive research into different types of relationships and how they work with modern technology. He started off by creating websites dedicated solely to reviewing popular online dating services such as Tinder or Bumble before eventually launching his own blog where he could share advice about finding true love through digital means. Since then, Nick has become one of the most sought after experts in this field due to his honest opinions backed up by data-driven insights which help readers make informed decisions about who they should date next! Aside from being a renowned author within the world of romance, Savoy also serves as a consultant for some major companies like Match Group Inc., advising them on product development strategies related specifically towards successful romantic outcomes via their respective applications/websites.. Additionally, Nick hosts seminars around North America teaching singles all over how navigate today's complex landscape when it comes down selecting potential partners digitally while avoiding any unnecessary pitfalls along the way too!

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