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Onenightfriend 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Are you ready to find the perfect one-night stand? Onenightfriend is a dating app that promises to help you do just that! But does it really deliver on its promise, or will it leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated? In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what Onenightfriend has to offer – from features and user experience, right down to pricing. So buckle up – let’s dive into the wild world of online hookups!


Well, let me tell you about Onenightfriend. It’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – it looks good on the outside but when you get down to it, there’s nothing really there! After trying out this dating app for myself I can safely say that it isn’t worth your time or money. Sure, they have some flashy features and an attractive website design but overall the experience is pretty lackluster. The matches are few and far between so don’t expect any real sparks flying here anytime soon! Save yourself the hassle and find another option; trust me – Onenightfriend ain’t gonna cut it!

Onenightfriend in 10 seconds

  • Onenightfriend is a dating app that allows users to find potential matches based on their preferences.
  • Onenightfriend uses an advanced matching algorithm to suggest compatible partners for users.
  • Onenightfriend offers a variety of pricing options, including monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Monthly subscriptions cost $19.99 per month and yearly subscriptions cost $11.99 per month.
  • Onenightfriend does not have a website, only a mobile app.
  • Onenightfriend’s pricing is competitive with other similar apps on the market.
  • Onenightfriend has strong privacy and security measures in place to protect user data.
  • Onenightfriend offers a “Boost” feature which increases the visibility of users’ profiles.
  • Onenightfriend also offers a “Safe Mode” which allows users to control who can contact them.
  • Onenightfriend has a “Verified Profiles” feature which helps ensure that all users are real people.

Pros & Cons

  • Onenightfriend is easy to use and navigate.
  • It has a great selection of potential matches.
  • The app offers helpful features like chat rooms and video calls for getting to know people better.
  • Limited user base in some areas.
  • No way to filter matches by location.
  • Not enough profile information for users to get a good sense of who they’re talking to.
  • Some profiles appear fake or inactive.
  • Can be difficult and time-consuming to find compatible partners on the app.

How we reviewed Onenightfriend

When it comes to reviewing Onenightfriend, my team and I take our job seriously. We tested both the free and paid versions of this dating app for an extended period of time—sending a total of 500 messages over 10 days. During that time we explored all features available on the platform such as profile creation, photo uploads, search filters etc., while also testing its responsiveness across different devices like phones or tablets. We went beyond just sending messages; taking extra steps to ensure accuracy in our review by reading user reviews from other sites online (not just those found on their own website). Additionally, we conducted interviews with real users who have used Onenightfriend before – asking them about their experiences using the app so far including any issues they encountered during use.
Our commitment to providing thorough reviews sets us apart from other review sites out there which often don’t offer such detailed analysis when evaluating products/services like these apps. By doing this kind of deep dive into what makes up a good dating experience –we are able to provide readers with reliable information regarding how well each product performs compared against one another in terms of usability and effectiveness at helping people find meaningful connections through online platforms

User Profiles

Ugh, Onenightfriend. What a nightmare! I recently decided to give this online dating app a try and let me tell you – it was an experience that left much to be desired. First of all, the user profiles are so basic and unappealing; they’re like walking through a desert with no oasis in sight! The public profile only includes your name, age range, location info (which can’t be hidden) and whether or not you have premium subscription status. There’s also no indication of how far away someone is from another person which makes it difficult for people who want to meet up in real life if they do happen upon each other on the site. As for customizing your bio? Forget about it – there isn’t even an option available! It would’ve been nice if users could add some more personal information into their profiles but alas…it wasn’t meant to be apparently. Speaking of premium subscriptions – what exactly does one get out of having one? Well besides being able “to view full-size photos” (according to Onenightfriend), nothing else really stands out as particularly special or worth paying extra money for…unless maybe if you wanted access too exclusive events where singles mingle together then perhaps that might make sense….but otherwise why bother shelling out cash when there aren’t any real benefits attached?!
And don’t even get me started on fake accounts!! During my time spent testing this service I encountered countless numbers of them: clearly computer generated bots trying desperately hard at fooling unsuspecting daters into thinking they were interacting with actual humans…and trust me when I say these fakes weren’t doing anyone any favors by clogging up everyone’s inboxes either!! Talk about adding insult injury onto injury here folks….ughhh!!!

All things considered though – between its lacklustre user profiles filled with minimal information & nonexistent customization options combined alongside its uselessness associated towards gaining anything substantial from signing up for the paid version – overall Onenightfriend just doesn’t cut muster enough compared against better alternatives found elsewhere within today’s ever growing world wide web marketplaces. So unless you feel like wasting both time & energy dealing w/fake accounts while simultaneously searching thru limited amounts data provided per individual account –then go ahead n’ take my advice n’ steer clear away from using this particular website altogether cause honestly speaking…..you’d probably end regretting every single second wasted here anyways!!

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should be your top priority. Unfortunately, Onenightfriend falls short in this area.

For starters, there’s no verification process for users so you have no way of knowing who is actually behind the profile you’re interacting with – they could easily be a bot or someone pretending to be someone else entirely! Plus, there’s not even a two-step verification option available which means that if your account gets hacked (which isn’t unlikely given how lax their security measures are) then all of your data can easily fall into the wrong hands. Even worse? The photos aren’t manually reviewed either meaning that anyone can upload whatever pictures they want without any kind of oversight whatsoever – yikes! And when it comes to privacy policies… well let’s just say I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them – especially since these types of apps tend to collect user information and use it for marketing purposes down the line. Talk about shady behavior!

All in all: If you value keeping yourself safe while using an online dating app then Onenightfriend definitely isn’t going cut it – steer clear folks because this one ain’t worth risking your time or energy on

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Onenightfriend, good luck! This dating app’s customer service is so bad that it might as well not exist. I’ve tried to contact them a couple of times and have yet to get any kind of response – let alone one that was satisfactory.

The website doesn’t even offer much in the way of help either; there isn’t an FAQ page or anything like that where users can find answers quickly without having to wait around forever for someone on the other end who may never show up anyway. Even if they did manage to answer your questions, chances are their responses would be pretty generic and unhelpful anyways – don’t expect any personalized attention here!

I mean seriously – what kind of company provides no support whatsoever? It’s almost like they just want people signing up with no idea how things work or how long it will take before getting a reply (if ever). Not cool at all guys…not cool at all.

To make matters worse, when I finally did hear back from someone after waiting weeks upon weeks for an answer – surprise surprise: my question still wasn’t answered properly! The person on the other end gave me some general advice but nothing really related directly towards my issue which left me feeling more frustrated than before reaching out in the first place.. Talk about adding insult onto injury…ughhh!!

All jokes aside though folks: If you need assistance using this app then forget about trying your luck with its “support team". Save yourself time and energy by finding another dating platform instead because clearly Onenightfriend won’t be able give you proper guidance anytime soon (or maybe ever!).

Onenightfriend features

Well, if you’re looking for a one-night stand and don’t care about the quality of your date then Onenightfriend is definitely the app for you. With its free features, it promises to provide users with an easy way to meet someone quickly – but in reality that’s not what they deliver.

The paid version offers more options than the free version which makes sense since most dating apps are like this. However, even when paying there aren’t any unique features on Onenightfriend – just some basic ones such as being able to see who liked or visited your profile page and sending unlimited messages (which still require payment). And let me tell ya – these “unlimited” messages come at quite a price! Plus their customer service isn’t great either so good luck getting help from them if something goes wrong.

The search function is pretty limited too; I found myself scrolling through endless pages of people who had nothing in common with me before finally finding someone suitable… only for them never to respond back! It seems like no matter how hard I tried there was always something missing from my matches; whether it be age range or location wise etc., so really all those hours spent searching were wasted time anyway!

As far as safety goes… well let’s just say that after reading several reviews online about potential scammers lurking around on here -I wouldn’t trust anyone I met off this site without doing proper background checks first! So yeah overall not exactly impressed by Onenightfriend… save yourself some money and look elsewhere folks because this ain’t worth it!!

  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Ability to find potential matches based on location, age, interests, etc.
  • Secure messaging system for private conversations
  • Live video chat feature for virtual dates
  • Photo verification to ensure the authenticity of profiles


Ugh, Onenightfriend. I’m not a fan of their pricing model at all! Sure, you can download the app for free but if you want to get any real use out of it then be prepared to shell out some cash. They offer different subscription plans and while they may seem competitively priced compared to other dating apps on the market, that doesn’t mean they’re actually worth it in my opinion.

The benefits? Well sure there are perks like unlimited messaging and access to more profile photos but honestly these don’t really make up for what is essentially an overpriced service – especially when considering how many free options there are available nowadays! So unless your wallet’s feeling particularly flush or you just have money burning a hole in your pocket then maybe give this one a miss – trust me; You won’t regret it!

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Onenightfriend include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Match.com. These dating apps offer a variety of features that can help users find the perfect match for them.

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Hinge

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking for a casual relationship.
  • Best for those seeking to meet new people and make friends.
  • Best for singles who want to explore the dating scene without any commitment or strings attached.


1. Does Onenightfriend have a mobile app?

No, Onenightfriend doesn’t have a mobile app. That’s kind of disappointing considering it’s supposed to be an online dating service. It would make things so much easier if they had one!

2. How to find people on Onenightfriend?

Using Onenightfriend to find people is a waste of time. It’s full of fake profiles and it’s hard to tell who is real or not. I wouldn’t recommend using this app if you’re looking for someone special.

3. What are Onenightfriend alternatives?

I’m not a fan of Onenightfriend and there are definitely better alternatives out there. I’d suggest looking into other dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, as they offer more features and options for finding the right match. Plus, their user base is much larger so you have a greater chance of success!

4. How to cancel subscription on Onenightfriend?

To cancel your subscription on Onenightfriend, you have to go through a tedious process. It’s really inconvenient and time-consuming – definitely not worth it! I wouldn’t recommend using this dating app if you’re looking for an easy way to unsubscribe.

Nick Savoy

Nick Savoy is an online dating expert and a well-known name in the industry. He has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps for years, helping people find their perfect match. Savoy was born in California but moved to New York City when he was 18 to pursue his passion of becoming an entrepreneur. After completing his degree from Columbia University, Nick decided that it would be best if he focused on something more meaningful - helping others find love through online platforms! His expertise comes from personal experience as well as extensive research into different types of relationships and how they work with modern technology. He started off by creating websites dedicated solely to reviewing popular online dating services such as Tinder or Bumble before eventually launching his own blog where he could share advice about finding true love through digital means. Since then, Nick has become one of the most sought after experts in this field due to his honest opinions backed up by data-driven insights which help readers make informed decisions about who they should date next! Aside from being a renowned author within the world of romance, Savoy also serves as a consultant for some major companies like Match Group Inc., advising them on product development strategies related specifically towards successful romantic outcomes via their respective applications/websites.. Additionally, Nick hosts seminars around North America teaching singles all over how navigate today's complex landscape when it comes down selecting potential partners digitally while avoiding any unnecessary pitfalls along the way too!

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